Saturday, December 31, 2011

"Friends in Need Are Friends Indeed"

Thank God there are some book sellers who are loyal!
Pls support them in return!

"Empty Shelves = EmptyThreats"

So I thot I would pay the local B&N a visit to see firsthand how the first chain to throw me over to gay demands was fairing - after all - in all the gay blogs they claimed they would add a boycott to the hissy-fit they were throwing.
Either my little cartoons hold way more sway than even I thot - or all those gay guys aren't really doing their share of shopping that they claim.

I've seen stores go out of biz before, but never have seen so many empty shelves in a national book store chain. C'mon gays - shop!

"If you can't beat 'em...Throw potatoes at 'em!"

Happy New Year everybody!
This just in from my FB friend, Caricatures Atlanta (Preston Lindsay)...

A funny, fitting cap stone to all the unexpected year end publicity piled on my doorstep like an overturned cart of road apples.,-AIDS-mocking-wall-calendar-at-Amazon-and-Barnes-Noble-today%21-%28UPDATED%29

Whew!, I think that's it.
My favorite was the Seattle Weekly BTW...
If I overlooked your fair and balanced reporting - let me know so I can add you to the pile of barker eggs.

Friday, December 30, 2011

"Not then. Not now. Not never."

Nuff said?

Ron White was right, "You can't fix stupid"

This just in from [katie2673] at the Huffington Post, (she has 24 fans!)
"In the end it does not matter who infected who."
How about, "In the end it does not matter who stabbed who."
or "In the end it does not matter who shot who."
How about "In the end it does not matter who attacked and murdered who."
Too much?
Prefer the passive aggressive lies instead?
"In the end it does not matter who poisoned who."

"What does matter is that people die from this disease."

In what universe other than the one the gay mafia controls, does it not matter who commits murder!?

Buggerin' serial killers, the lot of 'em.

"Well, it's all over except for the screaming."

Both B&N and have caved in to the gay demands to censor my work.
I woke to a reporter's request for interview from the Christian Post.
As well as the usual assortment of death threat phone calls and hate mail. Convenient really - I forwarded everything as a footnote to my answers to the reporter. Thanks to Michael Gryboski for his interest in covering this issue.

Here it is - you can download it and read it for free. Do yourself the intellectually honest thing and Google the subject-matter with the copyright date and examine the national headline the commentary is based on? Thanks for playing along!

"Consider This"

Consider this?
When someone talks rubbish, what do you do?
Dismiss it out of hand - laff it off - ignore it.
Am I right?
When does someone's message become so dangerous it must be expunged at any cost?
- Only when its truth threatens the very powerful.
Right again?

Consider that when they demand your pen be silenced.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

"What will you do when you are told to sit down and shut up?"

"Im not gray - this is an Ava Gabor wig!"

"Im not gray - this is an Ava Gabor wig!"
~Johnny Gunn

Despite impressive networking on many gay blogs there has been some encouraging words to wake up to today - not the least of which is the Pseudo title this post begins with - and the funniest of many that are unprintable.

Pls visit the comments section of previous post?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"David vs. Gay-liath"

I feel like David vs. the gay Goliath.
Where is every body?
That's OK, I still have a sling shot...

"You Actually Can Judge a Book by it's Cover!"

So I have another book subtitled:"Comprised of relics found in CyberSpace",
uh, it's in big letters on the cover.
Now I'm getting negative reviews because someone says they could find the info on the internet...
What did the cover say again?
Comdedian Ron White got it right when he said, "You can't fix stupid."

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

"Don't Take My Word For It"

The "never-ending battle for truth and justice" is just that.
You have to stand up to the lies.
Check out this link of abominations:
"We all have AIDS"
Are you really ready to roll over?
Are you really ready to let them put you over a barrel?
Are you really ready to take it laying down?

Where do you think these phrases came from?

I think my next collection will be titled:
"Nazis, Communists & Fascists - Oh my!"

"Let's Have a Gay Old Time!"

Hoo-we! Hell hath no fury like a he/she scorned... The telephone tree of tantrums is lit up like a Las Vegas marquee for "Boy-Lesque" today with hate mail, threats of boycott and even the risk of Jesus spitting on me for my "Sissy" calendar. I SAID I WAS A SISSY UP FRONT. Ironic who the real bullies are isn't it? Let's see if I get a call from Oprah's people or even Anderson Cooper...

Like most bullies bluffs, the facts outweigh the fists: with almost 100 hissy- fits being thrown today only a couple of my calendars are in actual circulation. All the hysteria is coming from those nice folks who haven't bothered to actually purchase and read my collection. Stranger still - these are REPRINTS of nationally distributed work several years old. No outcry then. Even funnier, reprint rights were obtained by "Q" one year- Utah's largest gay paper. GUESS WHAT THE "Q" STANDS FOR?
Let's see how far the truth gets before being bullied to death...

The "truth" is that AIDS is an "elective" disease.
It STOPS the day guys quit sticking it to each other.
And for the tragedy of women and children infected...
THAT stops the day their gay husbands and fathers stop cheating on them.
Anyone need MORE education, science or funding to understand THAT?

The gays are using some online blog to muster enuff negative comments to have my calendar pulled.
One of the weirder points of contention is an editorial cartoon from 2005 when the marketing motto that year was "WE ALL HAVE AIDS".
Apparently being gay involves some type of selective memory as well.
Well talk about cramming something down our throats...
I didn't invent it, I didn't market it. I just collected my commentaries over the past decade into a single collection.
Think I struck a nerve... or a blow?

They really don't like my self-caricature either...
I think I look hot.

The real joke is that the editor I worked under for 6 years was a lesbian. She thot they were funny enuff to publish.
Some of the bloggers said they would forgive me if I was funny.

Like I said, one of the cartoons was bought by Utah's largest gay paper - they thot it was funny.
Maybe it's a generational thing?
Today's gay blogger have no knowledge of their own culture or history and this retrospective collection has really knocked them off their perch (Bird Cage reference they won't get either!)

Bottom line: Andy has a hard on for me.

Andy Towle, Founder
Home Blog: Towleroad
Founder/Partner/President, Towleroad

Awt_twitterAndy Towle’s experience in media and entertainment spans several industries. He currently writes and runs the widely-read gay news blog Towleroad. Before Towleroad, he was Editor in Chief of Genre magazine, a nationally distributed gay men’s lifestyle publication, and Editor at Large for The Out Traveler, a national quarterly publication produced by LPI Media. Prior to that he was a Music Editor for Tribe Online USA, where he produced and edited a content-heavy website for an Australia-based media company. He worked in feature film development at Twentieth Century Fox for four years, assisting in the development of over thirty projects for their Feature Animation and Family Films divisions. He holds degrees in Art History and English from Vassar College, and was awarded a Wallace Stegner graduate fellowship at Stanford University, as well as two writing fellowships at The Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown, Massachusetts. His writing has been published widely.

Read more:

Anyway, thank you Andy for the best promotion all year!

Aint the first time I've been banned - won't be the last.
I was born with a loud mouth and an itchy shirt,
bury me next to the Baptist.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Week - 2011 - "Wisemen"

Put yourself into the "Nativity Manger Scene".
Are you one of the three kings or Magi?
Are you the little drummer boy?
Or have you been a jackass? Just askin'...
Hand matted gicle'e prints available here.

Christmas Week - 2011 - "Glad Tidings"

"I bring you good tidings of great joy which shall be to all people."
~Luke 2:10

Hand matted gicle'e prints available here.

Christmas Week - 2011 - "It's a Wonderful Life"

If you are anything like me, we've shared all the joy and despair of George Bailey at one time or another. And in the end we have to admit, "It's a wonderful life."
Hand matted gicle'e prints available here.

Christmas Week - 2011 - "The War in Iraq Ends"

This has been the most public of my prayers for many years...
Hand matted gicle'e prints available here.

Monday, December 12, 2011

New Twin Tower Design?

In case you don't follow Facebook, something I tried to warn folks about years ago is coming to pass...
Just remember - you heard it from me first - 10 years ago:

Just a footnote from "the man who sees tomorrow"...