Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"It Looks Like I've Got Angels In My Outfield"

This just in - a prayer for me from someone I don't even know...procured on my behalf by my beloved, Mishka Ariel:

"Lord we love you and we thank you for your love and tender mercies! Lord you know the attack on Joe King. You know he lives his life to please you. You said blessed are we when men persecute us for your name sake.We come against this attack on Joe King! I cover Joe with the blood of Jesus. I say, No weapon formed against him shall prosper. I pull out every dart and every arrow I slather those areas with the blood of Jesus. I call all venom null and void In Jesus Name! Lord I ask you to put a wall of fire around Joe, and send your angles with swords drawn aflame to fight fight fight the enemy back. In Jesus name. Lord, shine your Holy Ghost light to reveal the truth in these situations. Let the accusers be dealt with in Jesus name! You said in Isaiah 49:25 you would contend with those that contend with us. Lord we believe you and we say contend with those that are contending with Joe In Jesus Name. You said in Malachi 3:11 you would rebuke the devourer. We believe you Lord!! Send the help needed in this situation In Jesus Name. We thank you Lord and we love you! We give you glory honor and praise. How great you are Lord!! Thank you Jesus!Jeremiah 32:27 you said you are the God of all mankind is there anything too hard for you....We say NO LORD! Nothing is too hard for you. this is too hard for us, but not for you. We bring this before you Lord asking for your divine intervention. In Jesus Name!! thank you Lord!!"



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