Wednesday, September 05, 2012

"The Power Of Inspiration"

Today's mail:
"Thank you for writing, Joe. We were blessed by your own testimony and we enjoyed visiting your website and seeing how God has used your talents and willing heart."
This could be a simple form letter but I want to share with you the powerful effect Joni's story had on me almost 40 years ago in the wake of my own broken neck experience.
I was miraculously healed resulting in a most zealous and obnoxious testimony that just would not stop. I was forever grateful.
The irony is that the "loose wrist" all artists are instructed to achieve for successful sketching did not appear until many years later after a traumatic brain injury from a car accident. I guess you could say everything got knocked loose in that accident. But my draftsmanship has never been better.. Praise God for His mercies. After that first accident I should have been left in a chair for life as well. After the second accident I should have been left for dead.
I guess my obnoxious work is not finished yet...


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