Monday, April 01, 2013


You don't realize what is going on in the machine -
Someone in FB keeps deleting my posts - 
so I post them anew and will continue to do so until 
the cowards either repent or burst with worms.

Easter Sunday is a traditional day for the Faithful to 
renew their baptismal Vows.
I have often said here on this strange forum that;
"I am all toons to all men that some might be saved."
A turn of a scriptural phrase by St. Paul.
I have ghosted so many pillars of the cartooning world 
and classic characters of merchandising and licensing 
over the past 3 decades in addition to my own myriad 
original creations.
Another lyric that found deep anchor in my soul was 
Don Quixote's mission statement in "Man of La Mancha";
"Hear me now oh thou bleak and unbearable world
Thou art base and debauched as can be
And a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled
Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!
I am I, Don Quixote, the Lord of La Mancha
Destroyer of evil am I
I will march to the sound of the trumpets of glory
Forever to conquer or die
Hear me heathens and wizards and serpents of sin
All your dastardly doings are past
For a holy endeavor is now to begin
And virtue shall triumph at last!"

I was convinced that my "Anno Domini" project: 
the capstone of my life's efforts... 
But my sensibilities have been made raw and capacity to l
ook the other way has been choked by the rising tide of 
rotten flotsam of the dark, demonic and hopelessly profane 
comics devoted to the glorified pornography of the occult in 
all it''s hideous forms.
And so - Like Alonso Quixana - I am getting up off my 
deathbed to kick some final blasphemous ass...

I have registered a domain to secure my copyrights and 
establish trademark as the first step in entering this arena 
with a "holy endeavor".And with the righteousness of a 
Knight of the Old Code;
I will undo you.