Friday, September 19, 2014

Check-mate for America

The future of our country is in check-mate.
Our younger children are taught by the public school system that America is evil.
By the time they reach college the anti-Semitic professors have them hating Israel as well.
And now common core curriculum is doing away with cursive/longhand hand writing.
The next generation of America will not even be literate enough to read or understand our founding documents, the Bill of Rights and Declaration of Independence let alone the Constitution.
I found this clip from a favorite old movie of mine last night.
I'm not sure why it has always stirred me.
So I found an English translation of La Marseillaise, the French national anthem.
It speaks about a call to arms by the average citizen to face the threat of foes that would "slit the throats of our sons and wives..."
As more and more reports surface of Muslim attacks against ordinary citizens I urge you to keep this song in your heart - shout them down -
And march on!

If the Maid of Orleans was known for her own voice instead of the voices she heard, she might have sounded like this,