Saturday, September 26, 2015


Excellent doco today that sheds light on topics previously ignored. 
Delving into the Artist's codex two seemingly disparate points intersect in tragedy. 
1. Leonardo never had a fluent grasp of Latin. He referred to himself as "unlettered". 
Subsequently his obsession with nature and observation of nature becomes obvious - he had to teach himself what was unavailable to him in texts of the time. 
2. Leonardo was fascinated by water, it's properties, mysteries and movement. He had a famous rejection of the Biblical account of Noah's Flood over a single point where his own observation and ignorance of Latin collide. - He knew from his own observations that all water is propelled by falling. 
- When scripture says that the waters of the flood receded he rejected the account out of hand because he believed the water had no where to go. 
This is the most tragic instance I have ever encountered where the mind of man set itself against scripture. And lost. 
Because he had no valid grasp of the Latin Vulgate copies of scripture - The only translations available to anyone at the time - how was he to understand the true geologic, atmospheric and mechanical events explained clearly in the book of Genesis? 
- That the Windows of Heaven were opened? 
- That the Firmament was ruptured? 
- That the Fountains of the Deep were broken? 
All he was ever told - all most of you were ever told in Sunday school, was that it "rained for 40 days and 40 nights." 
Of course today we understand that the Earth's ocean basins are no more than the collapsed roofs of the prehistoric subterranean water chambers that fueled the "fountains of the deep" when they were burst. 
You can still view the scars of that event on any decent globe that maps the ocean floor. 
Right down the middle of every ocean's deepest level you will find a trench... 
It was not the gentle rainfall of 40 days and 40 nights that wiped out the world. 
It was the cataclysmic weight of the Earth's crust collapsing in on itself creating super heated geysers and other volcanic/seismic fountains that scalded the world to death. 
Haven't you ever wondered why all the dinosaur fossils are mashed flat to smithereens? 
What goes up must come down. 
Every unimaginable ton of debris that was launched - came down like a judge's gavel. 
The Judge of all the Earth as a matter of fact. 
The gradual receding of the flood waters simply drained into the great basins left in the wake of this tectonic collapse... 
Put your trust in God’s Bible. Word for word and cover to cover.


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