Friday, September 04, 2015


Anyone who has ever worked with Bondo body filler, hair coloring, or epoxy glue should understand this immediately.
There is a catalyst approaching our world.
The closer it gets, the more things heat up, more rapidly than ever becoming what they were intended to be.
Jesus Christ is that catalyst.
While violent illegal felons are routinely released into our communities without restriction or bond of any kind, a Kentucky clerk is now in jail without bail because she refuses to endorse gay marriage.
While elite Ivy League students are getting "tsk-tsk"ed over their tradition of competing to rape underclass girls, a heartland football team is now being punished for being baptized on their own 50 yard line.
As Chinese war ships steam off the coast of Alaska in coordinated war exercises with the president of Russia, our president orders the construction of new Ice Breakers while at same time decrying global warming and renaming one of our largest mountains from a US president to an 
Athabascan geological term.
I suspect that even in your own life things are heating up too. As in mine. 

What are you becoming?


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