Saturday, May 07, 2016



CONNECTING-THE-DOTS... Ever see "KUNG FU - The Movie"? The "young grasshopper" we remember is now middle aged and in smokey, temple candle-lit flash-backs we see him asking the old priest which form he practices, because as we have already been shown, each takes a lifetime to master..."All of them." is the quietly awesome answer. MAIN-STREETS-USA is a tent pole project I use to showcase illustrations selected from many different projects that have - in hindsight - showcased a singular affection for life in small town America. It has it's roots in my early life where the boundaries of summer vacation were marked by cross-country road trips between my parents transient homes. As they each moved at least once a year - every summer meant a different route and a different destination. And en-route to that new Summer place - a different set of truck stops, cheap motels and even cheaper coffee shops and diners. The only thing I could look forward to in those Death Valley Days adventures were the "connect-the-dots" games on the back of each restaurants' place mats. Connecting-the-dots is the subject of both this post and my current major effort. I am attempting to connect all the major points of my life and my life's work. 

When you ask me which one of these points I mastered; cartooning, package design, building websites, etc., I would like to be able to say "All of them." If I am successful, it should reveal a satisfying pattern. 
Either that or a retarded version of Woody Woodpecker.


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